Gun Rights

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Lamborn Platform

Doug Lamborn opposes any restrictions on gun ownership.  He:

  • Sees no restrictions or qualifications beyond the Second Amendment
  • Opposes direct or indirect restrictions on the gun/ammunition industry
  • Opposes differentiation between weapons on any grounds – “A gun is gun is a gun”
  • Makes no mention of state or federally imposed checks such as gun permits or background checks

The Lamborn position is on the edge of, but not outside bounds set by the Second Amendment.

Dave Anderson for Congress Platform

As to the Second Amendment

My view on guns reflects one simple principle: that our gun laws should guarantee the rights and freedoms of all law-abiding Americans. That’s why I stand with the majority who believe in the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns to hunt or protect their families.  And that’s why I stand with the majority who believe they have the right to send their kids to school and see them return home safely at night. This shouldn’t be an issue of left or right.

I am affiliated with a small, but technically sophisticated local gun manufacturer – Lippard Designs (  This enterprise has pistol technology that needs to be promoted to our Armed Services based on superior performance.  Congressman Lamborn was asked to help, with a letter of support to the Marine Commandant, in competition for a $22.8 million award for 4,000 1911 A1 pistols.  Congressman Lamborn declined to make the effort.  The preliminary award has now been made, to an enterprise that will source components from Brazil and for a weapon that does not meet all of the performance and reliabillity specifications.  The Lippard 1911 A2/A3 pistol is the only pistol considered in the competition to meet all requirements, with the first patented operating system improvements in nearly 100 years.

From an economic viewpoint, that order from the Marines would mean up to 150 good local jobs, and an opportunity to attract tourist traffic from people who wish to upgrade and retrofit their A1911 pistols.  Other linkages are possible in relationships with the USOC, making this a uniquely valuable opportunity for the community.  If it is possible to get the enterprise into production scale operation, product line extensions could conceivably employ many more people.  We just need a Congressman that will support local enterprise.

Footnote per Charles Henderson

The Lippard 1911 A2 pistol is a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. The caliber is important, since this is what the military has wanted for a long, long time but has not adopted because of the 1911 A1 version’s lack of accuracy. This larger caliber gun has the knockdown power needed in a military, law enforcement or self defense handgun, as opposed to the 9mm, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .357 Sig or .40 caliber, all of which shoot much lighter loads and have very little knockdown. I have seen a bad guy take a full magazine of 15 rounds of 9 mm and keep on coming. When we engage an enemy with firepower, we want to put him on the ground with the first shot. The .45 auto does just that. At 600 yards, the .45 ACP has more knockdown power than the .5.56mm M4 rifle has at the muzzle. The M4 rifle is today’s standard issue combat rifle for all services. It too needs to be replaced because it lacks power.

We have people who want to play flag football picking out our combat weapons, and that just does not work. So, please understand, for gun people the knowledge that the Lippard Combat NCO or Lippard Close Quarters Battle Pistol (which was designed for the Marine Corps in compliance with the RFP last year) are both 1911 A2 .45 ACP caliber pistols, and that they are accurate at Battlefield Ranges. If I am in battle and given the choice between a Lippard 1911 A2 .45 ACP pistol or a pistol upgraded with Lippard A2/A3 operating systems and an M4 rifle (which are made by Colt in Connecticut, by the way), I will go for the handgun. I can kill the enemy at 300, 400 and 500 yards, easily, whereas with the M4 rifle I will not be effective. The 230 grain .45 caliber projectile is what matters.


The Founders wanted a citizen militia as a guarantee against tyranny. In order to achieve this goal the people had to be permanently armed as well as trained in the use of firearms and in basic field tactics. For this to be possible there could be no restrictions on gun availability/ownership.

When the Second Amendment was written, many if not most Americans owned guns out of necessity. The universal license to “keep and bear arms” was therefore not a departure from the existing situation.

The Founders wanted such “militias” to be orderly groups of citizens. They also wanted them to be effective, meaning disciplined, trained and following a code of behavior. Hence the qualification “well regulated.”