Dear Friend:

I wanted to introduce myself and share an important message with you. My name is Charles Henderson and I’m a Conservative Republican. I’m also a Marine, small business owner, rancher, and I am unabashedly Pro-2nd Amendment.

I’m also supporting Dave Anderson for Congress.

Let me tell you why I’m supporting Dave and why I believe the incumbent Congressman, Doug Lamborn, has betrayed the voters of this district and our servicemen and women who defend our nation and our freedoms.

Earlier this year my business partner, Karl Lippard of Lippard Designs, and I proposed our weapon to be used as the standard-issue pistol for our military personnel. Our Combat NCO 1911 A2 .45 ACP caliber pistol (seen below) holds the world record for distance shooting at 600 yards. It is warranted for life and has seven (7) patents and fifteen (15) patents pending. This handgun is made right in Colorado Springs.




The Lippard Combat NCOTM


When we sought Congressman Doug Lamborn’s support in our bid for the contract to provide these weapons for the U.S. Marine Corps, he promised to write a letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James Amos, for his consideration. In the end, Doug Lamborn lied. He never did it. He lied to us when he said he would support us. Congressman Lamborn would turn around and endorse a company out of Connecticut who “assembles” components that are produced offshore because he was concerned about the jobs in Connecticut…not jobs in Colorado Springs.

The out-of-state assembled weapon is a 100 year old, unimproved design with an accuracy range of approximately 25 yards….And it cost more to produce. So why would Doug Lamborn support a contract that did the following: 1). Cost more taxpayer money; 2). Cost 1,500 local jobs; 3). Put our servicemen and women at risk with a substandard weapon.

It defies logic….And it denigrates our troops.

That is why I’m supporting Dave Anderson. He gets it. As a manufacturer, he knows the strength of our economy comes from a vibrant manufacturing sector. Dave Anderson also knows that we sacrifice our security and independence when we turn to foreign nations for the products we use and consume.

Dave Anderson has put forth a “National Interest Platformwhich outlines his plan for economic recovery and independence.

A patriot is defined as one “who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.” My friends, Dave Anderson is a patriot and we must send him to Congress to represent our interests and the nation’s interest. Quite frankly, we don’t have that with the incumbent. By his actions:

  • Doug Lamborn does NOT SUPPORT jobs in Colorado…
  • Doug Lamborn does NOT SUPPORT proper protection for our servicemen and women.

It is so important for voters to know this. That’s why we’ve taken out a half-page ad for this Sunday’s edition of The Gazette to share the story I’ve just shared with you. And I would ask that you please share this message with your friends and family.

Doug Lamborn’s actions betray my conservative values. Is he a patriot? I don’t know. Is he a politician? Without a doubt.

We deserve better.

Semper Fi,

Charles W. “Bill” Henderson