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Lamborn Platform

Doug Lamborn’s positions are clear based on his voting record:

Doug Lambornosupported and co-sponsored the Todd Akin effort to redefine rape (H.R. 3).

Doug Lamborn opposed Violence Against Women Act (VAWA – H.R. 4271).

Doug Lamborn opposed Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act – H.R. 2016).

Doug Lamborn opposed the Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act (H.R. 5575).

Doug Lamborn joined House Republicans in blocking the Child Nutrition Bill (S. 3307).

Doug Lamborn has also actively blocked the McCain/Shaheen Amendment to the Defense Reauthorization Act which would allow female military service members who are survivors of rape access to health services.

Doug Lamborn opposed the Sexual Assault Training Oversight Prevention (STOP) Act, which would have created a council independent of the DOD chain of command to respond to incidents of sexual assault within our military. This bill would have also created a centralized database/sex offense registry within the military. (H.R. 3435).

Doug Lamborn twice opposed Paycheck Fairness Act.

Doug Lamborn supports the elements of the last House (Ryan) Budget that reduce funding to key safety-net programs for women, children and seniors including but not limited to Head Start, Medicare, Medicaid.  Notably, the much-discussed $700 billion reduction for Medicare is in both the Administration and the House budgets; the Administration directs savings back into healthcare where the House would reduce taxes.

Doug Lamborn has and continues to promote an agenda of extremism that expands governmental control in our private lives all the while undermining the safety-net programs that preserve and restore families and care for the most vulnerable in society.  Despite his assertions, Congressman Lamborn’s voting record is neither “pro-family” not “pro-life.”


Dave Anderson for Congress Platform

My campaign priority is to address our economic problems, believing fervently that if we do not have a strong economy we will be unable to support values of any sort, nor will we be able to secure our future and freedom.  I believe that our global adversaries are most pleased to observe that our nation is distracted in a way that no other nation is, by a set of concerns that I thought resolved forty years ago.  Our preoccupations are enabling their success in a global economic competition.

It is also true that if we believe in limited government, that we do best with government out of public and business life, then we must be consistent and limit government involvement in private and personal life.  I believe that our people DO have the capability to make decisions for themselves, but that much of the social legislation being proposed today would place explicit limitations on personal freedoms.

As your Representative in Congress, I will never use women’s health as a political football to achieve desired outcomes as part of federal budget negotiation process.

I oppose portions of the House (Ryan) budget which would eviscerate programs – Head Start, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. — for our most vulnerable citizens while at the same time providing additional tax relief for those with the most means.

I believe in equal pay for equal work. I support the Paycheck Fairness Act and do not see it as a record–keeping, regulatory burden, but as a matter of fairness and best practice. I support the McCain/Shaheen Amendment to allow access to health services for female military service personnel who are survivors of sexual assault.

I support elements of the Affordable Care Act, specifically:

  • allowing parents to keep their children on their family health insurance plan up to the age of twenty-six (26) if their children are unable to obtain coverage.
  • eliminating denial of coverage based upon pre-existing conditions.

I believe the $1 trillion of student loan debt is saddling a generation of young adults with a heavy financial burden, which discourages higher learning, stifles innovation and kills our economy. I support the Interest Rate Reduction Act (H.R. 4628), and my economic plan will restore high-paying jobs to make higher education both feasible and accessible for parents who want to send their children to college.